Albert Pujols To The Expos

In December 2000, the Montreal Expos traded relievers Dustin Hermanson and Steve Kline to the St. Louis Cardinals for third baseman Fernando Tatis and reliever Britt Reames. On the surface, it’s one of those trades that happens all the time, but little did anybody know, a future Hall of Famer was almost included. St. Louis was short on pitching and after a first place finish and a NLCS  loss to the New York Mets, were looking to improve on the mound.  When the two sides negotiated the players to be involved, the Cardinals had to decide who to send: Fernando Tatis or Albert Pujols. The Cardinals elected to sent Tatis and the next season Pujols won the NL Rookie of the Year and helped guide St. Louis to two world championships (2006 and 2001) before signing with the Los Angeles Angels in 2012. The three-time MVP who currently is 8th all-time in homeruns with 609 can only make the fans in Montreal wonder…


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