9 Innings With John D’Acquisto

John D’Acquisto is a retired major league pitcher who pitched 10 seasons from 1973-1982. A former 1970 first-round pick of the San Francisco Giants, the southern California native played for six teams: Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, Montreal Expos, California Angels, and Oakland A’s. D’Acquisto won a career-high 12 games in 1974, en route to winning the National League Rookie Pitcher of the Year with San Francisco, and retired in 1983 after having arm surgery.

Dugout Chatter: If you had not been a professional baseball player what would you have been?

John D’Acquisto: A lawyer.

DC: What did you do with your first baseball check?

JD: I bought a Camaro Z28.

DC: Who was your favorite pitcher/batter to face? Why?

JD: Bob Gibson, because he was a fierce competitor, and would knock you down in a minute for no reason. I used to love pitching against him. Pete Rose was my favorite because of the same reason; he was a competitor, and always tried to beat you any way he could.

DC: Which pitcher/batter did you find the toughest to face? Why?

JD: Enos Cabell, because I knew he knew what was coming and I couldn’t figure out what he knew. He hit like .560 against me.

DC: What was your favorite moment in baseball that fans would be surprised about?

JD: Striking out Hank Aaron and him tipping his hat to me.

DC: What is the one trade and/or free agency rumor that came close to happening or was just crazy?

JD:  Me going to the New York Yankees would have to be the craziest because it almost did happen in the 1980 free agent draft… Should have gone there.

DC: What is the one team/manager/player you would have liked to play on, play for, or play with?

JD: Sparky Anderson and the Cincinnati Reds. I might have won 30 games there.

DC: What do you like and/or dislike about professional baseball today?

JD: The game has made transitions in a number of decades that we have seen and maybe haven’t even noticed. It will continue to adjust to the fan base to maintain its popularity. Baseball will always grab your attention especially in tight races. I wish it was a little more affordable for the general fan base.

DC: What is your take on the Hall of Fame as it relates to Pete Rose and the steroid era?

JD: The steroid era was an era in baseball as was the Dead-ball era, the juiced up ball era, etc. I believe that these eras should all be reminders of what large salaries did to baseball and what players did to stay in the game to keep making the money that was readily available. The Hall of Fame should recognize all record breakers for their achievements because there were many players in the Hall of Fame that shouldn’t be there for some reason when it comes to PEDs… Pete Rose, he broke rule 21, he gambled and bet on his own team. His records are legitimate and should be recognized for his achievements as a player. Ty Cobb was the reason why the rule 21 was put into place and Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s record yet Ty Cobb is in the Hall of Fame and Pete Rose is not. Other issues that are swirling around Pete right now are not too graciously looked at by the public eye. It just adds more to the reasons on why not to have him in the Hall of Fame. He is his own worst enemy. It is truly unfortunate because he was a great player.

To learn more about John D’Acquisto, make sure and visit the right-hander at Twitter under @JohnDAcquisto.

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