Leo Durocher

I just celebrated my 50th birthday and I have to say – it was pretty cool! A baseball themed party (you would have thought you were entering a 5-year old’s party) thrown by my wife and the details and energy she put into it were simply amazing! I plan to write about some of the amazing gifts I received on future Dugout Chatter posts but wanted to give a special thanks to my father in law “The Judge”, who game me an amazing autographed photo of the great Leo Durocher. It was right out of his personal collection – one he has had since he was boy, so I’m grateful that he would think of me! So in his “honor”, here some fun facts about one of baseball’s all-time great managers – Leo Durocher:

  1. Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1994.
  2. Nickname was Leo the Lip
  3. 10th all-time in managerial wins with a record of 2,008-1,709.
  4. In 24 seasons, he won one World Series title (1954 Giants) and three Pennants.
  5. Managed four teams: New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.
  6. Durocher of course managed both the New York Giants, and Brooklyn Dodgers, but he actually managed both teams in one year. After returning from a 1-years suspension in 1947, Durocher left the Dodgers mid-way through 1948 campaign to pilot the Giants.
  7. He purchased shortstop Pee Wee Reese from the Boston Red Sox and gave up his regular spot at short so Reese could play.
  8. He coined the phrase “Nice Guys Finish Last.”
  9. He ranks third all time (tied with Earl Weaver) for the most ejections from a game with 94.
  10. Leo the Lip made a brief appearance in Japan when he made short-lived comeback in 1976 with Taiheiyo Club Lions.
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