Rudy May

Topps 1976 #481, Rudy May. A Happy 74th Birthday to Rudy! In his honor, here is a brief interview I did with Rudy last year…

Rudy May is a 16-year veteran who spent his career with California Angels, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles and Montreal Expos. Seven times May would finish in Top 10 for strikeouts per 9 innings and win the ERA title in 1980 with the Yankees. He finished his career in 1983 winning a career 152 games.

Dugout Chatter: If you had not been a professional baseball player what would you have been?

Rudy May: I wanted to become an automotive engineer.


DC: What did you do with your first baseball check?

RM: It wasn’t much, but I did put it in the bank.


DC: Who was your favorite pitcher/batter to face? Why?

RM: Reggie Jackson, but I always thought I could get him out when needed.


DC: Which pitcher/batter did you find the toughest to face? Why?

RM: Joe Rudi and Sal Bando. I think instead of trying to hit homeruns they just wanted to put the ball into play.


DC: What was your favorite moment in baseball that fans would be surprised about?

RM: The first game I pitched in the big leagues.

(May no-hit the Detroit Tigers through 7 1/3 innings in attempt to become the first pitcher since Bumpas Jones in 1892 to throw a no-hitter in his MLB debut. May would strike-out 10 in a no-decision)


DC: What is the one trade and/or free agency rumor that came close to happening or was just crazy?

RM: No trades come to mind but I do remember a rumor of Frank Robinson going to the New York Yankees.


DC: What is the one team/manager/player you would have liked to play on, play for, or play with?

RM: I loved playing for Earl Weaver and Dick Howser.

DC: What do you like and/or dislike about professional baseball today?

RM: Because of the amount of money involved in the owner’s player investments I believe the owners manage a bigger part of the game.


DC: What is your take on the Hall of Fame as it relates to Pete Rose and the steroid era?

RM: No comment.

To learn more about Rudy May, make sure and visit the left-hander at Twitter under @may rudy

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